Unable to fix link between Codecov and GitHub


Beginning at the end of October, Codecov stopped to process uploads of Kaliumhexacyanoferrat/GenHTTP. Uploads were stuck in “Processing …” and coverage data was not updated as expected. Therefore, I first checked whether the Travis CI build still properly uploads reports, which it does.

It seems, that the integration between Codecov and GitHub is somehow broken, as Codecov is unable to access commits or other git-related information.

I removed the webhook from GitHub and re-created it (which worked), but resetting will now yield:

Authorization declined by github to create a webhook

I then deleted all the data in the project and installed the GitHub integration App, which seems to work on the side of GitHub, but seems to be unrecognized on the side of Codecov:

GitHub Integration is installed. However, this repository is not enabled.

Well, it is:


So how do I properly re-connect Codecov with GitHub?


Hi @Kaliumhexacyanoferra

I believe you are being affected by this issue OPEN ISSUE INVESTIGATION: Report stuck in processing + Unable to find report content in storage archive