Allow configuration of target coverage per file


Allow configuration of target coverage per file in a set of paths / directory.


Currently, we can configure a target coverage for a directory, which seems to take the avg of lines covered per file in said directory. We would like to also ensure that no individual file has less than x% coverage.


        target: 75%
        per-file-target: 70% # this would ensure no file in components/ has less than 70% coverage
          - components/
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I know I sent you over here, and I have shared this with the product team. I wanted to also share the current work around of creating a flag per file. While very much not ideal, this will accomplish what you are asking for, for now.

Is there any timeline for when the feature would be added? This is something we’d appreciate as we want to ensure each of 100+ files has a minimum coverage.

There is no timeline currently for this feature.