Can I see line-by-line coverage in File explorer uploaded from a specific flag, or a subset of flags?


While reading Carryforward Flags, I saw a screenshot on that page, which suggested to me that on the “File explorer” tab, I should be able to select flags to show coverage from.

For example. When I have flags “unittests” and “systemtests”, I should be able to see what lines are covered by unittests, and what is covered by systemtests.

(I am aware that Carryforward flags are something different than regular Flags…)


Codecov is from my most recent CI run. I see 4 flags, in the “Flags” tab, but I don’t see an option to enable or disable showing coverage from specific flags on the “File explorer” tab.

Additional Information

Am I correct in presuming the feature that I want exists? The usecase for me is that I want to collect line coverage from all our testing, but I want to be specifically able to analyze unittest coverage only.

@jdanek I think this was a feature that used to exist (as you can see). I would recommend that you create a feature request so that the product team can properly intake this.

Thanks, reported as Codecov!

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I found the same thing already reported at View source with flags and View source with flags | Voters | Codecov.

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