Ask for help: How can I get coverage data of various files by API

I can see the coverage details of various files like the image above.

How can I get the coverage data of various files by API?

Unfortunately, this is not possible right now, but I’ll let the product team know. I suspect we will not implement this in the near future.

I’m going to mark this as a solution, but if others see this and mark this as a need for them, please respond below.

Hey @tom any update about this ? I am looking for the same…

@vvaishakh1 we are currently looking to update our current API with some basic file-level data. Would you mind sharing a little bit about how you might use the API or what you are building?

@fansi404 I know it’s been awhile, but I’d love to get your input here as well.

Hello @tom , Thanks for responding. I’m trying to create a dashboard that displays a variety of file-level statistics such as code coverage, complexity score, and so on for multiple repositories (org level)…

Hi @fansi404 this is now possible using the commit detail API endpoint. You’ll notice a file object that contains a line_coverage object which is a list of tuples [line number, covered (0 is true, 1 is false)].

@vvaishakh1 just wanted to ping back on this with the above