Coverage file details unavailable unless logged in (public repo)

I’ve got a few repositories reporting coverage here … and we’re having a problem viewing code details in them. Specifically, for (see Issue#1482), when I view the coverage details while logged in to CodeCov, I can see file coverage detail page (eg, but is unavailable). But, when logged out (of CodeCov), most pages give a “GitHub API: Forbidden” error page, although many times file detail pages which I’ve opened recently (while logged in to CodeCov) are visible.

The repo is publically accessible.

I’m confused. Are there some setting that should allow anyone to see any of the file detail pages (whether logged in to CodeCov or not)?

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the help.

Hi @rivy

This is due to rate limiting on the API token we use to pull the source files from GitHub with.

We have requested an increase, sorry for the inconvenience.