Bitbucket Code Insights (reports) support


Integration with Bitbucket Pipes so Codecov reports show up as a code insight reports in pull requests, as apposed to a comment.


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Bitbucket uses ‘pipes’ within pipelines to integrate third party services that can provide code insights.
It states:

  • If you are using pipelines, you have to use an integration. Check the list of available pipes here.

It would be great to have codecov reports show up there instead of as a comment.


Bitbucket Pipelines


Would love to have this as a feature!

Hey @maarten00 and @yeroon, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. I hadn’t heard of this feature until now.

A few thoughts:

1.) Getting more actionable insight directly into code host is a key product vision for us, so fits will within our goals.

2.) Github has a similar feature called Github Checks API, that we are implementing in next ~3 months.

3.) Depending on how usage / feedback is with Github Checks, Bitbucket Pipes would be a natural extension. I’ll keep this thread updated as we learn more.


Hi Jerrod,

That would be great, I’m looking forward to what Codecov can do for us when this integrates nicely with Bitbucket. Thanks!

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+1 would like to see it