Code coverage reported for wrong branch


The code coverage is reported to master while pushuing to branch CG of a PR. It worked 5 days ago as one can see in the link below, but when I pushed yesterday it reported said commit to master branch


Codecov YAML

  - "src/examples/.*"
  - "src/tutorials/.*"
  - "src/helpers/exports/.*" # until we figure out how to check asy runs - exclude.

Additional Information

I don’t know why codecov started reposting to the wrong branch.

Hi @kellertuer, sorry for the late reply. I’m not exactly sure what you are asking, would you mind spelling it out for me a little more? It looks like the PR you linked is committing to the master branch, unless I’m misinterpreting something.

No. The branch was a separate branch called CG, you are already linking to the merged commit, that I did when I gave up that it reports to the wrong branch. I never got a report on CG how it improves/behaves wrt code coverage.

Hi @kellertuer, I’m not sure what I can do to help out here. I see this pull request you made Were you able to see any other strangeness in reporting?