Codecov GitHub action doesn't work well compared to bash uploader

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CodeCov GitHub action coverage is low


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Here’s the low coverage using the action:

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Output too long to post here, here’s the link:

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Here’s the results when I use the bash uploader:

Actual Results

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This were the results using the Codecov GitHub Action:

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@acgetchell I’ll take a look at this. What I’m getting is that you have different coverage between using the bash uploader and the new uploader (which is what underlies the GitHub Action v3).

Can you provide a commit SHA using the bash uploader and one using the new one?

Bash uploader:

GitHub action:

@acgetchell the 2nd link has logs that are a bit too old (I can’t see what the Codecov output is). Do you have a more recent commit that uses the GitHub Action v2+?

Thanks @tom !

Here’s a recent commit which switches to using the CodeCov GitHub Action:

Here is the GitHub Workflow file:

You can see here that coverage drops by 62%:

Thanks again for looking into it!

@acgetchell, ok, so the first thing that I noticed is that the bash uploader runs gcov by default. We decided to not do that for the underlying node uploader for the Action@v3. Can you add the last line below

      - name: Submit to
        uses: codecov/codecov-action@v3
          directory: build/gcov-reports
          fail_ci_if_error: false
          verbose: true
          gcov: true

and see if that fixes things

Okay, I did that.

Switching back from the bash uploader to the GitHub Action using gcov dropped my coverage from 84% to 22%:

@acgetchell sorry for the delay here. I had an idea and was working on a fix. Could you try running the action again, I just released a new version of it.

I tried the new action, coverage still dropped:

@acgetchell ok, I think I got this a little bit closer. I’m off on vacation tomorrow for a week, so I won’t be super responsive.

I made this PR off of your commit and it looks like removing this line

directory: build/gcov-reports

helps to find the coverage files. I also get coverage of 79%. Let me know if this looks good

Works with gcc-11, not gcc-12.

@acgetchell this looks like a problem with your conversion before running Codecov.

Yes, that is probably a mismatch between gcov and gcc versions. Let me see if that can be fixed.

Nope, even without gcov/gcc mismatch errors, it still fails on gcc-12:

But works on gcc-11:

@acgetchell it looks like there is an error when you are generating coverage files. See this line.

I think the gcc and gcov mismatch has been resolved in gcc 13.

Coverage is also now working well.