Codecov is stuck in “Processing…” phase


Codecov is stuck in “Processing…” step.

Commit SHAs



CI/CD or Build URL


Freshly installed using npm install codecov -g.

Codecov Output

$ codecov -f coverage/clover-relative.xml
542  _____          _  
543 / ____|        | |  
544| |     ___   __| | ___  ___ _____   __  
545| |    / _ \ / _` |/ _ \/ __/ _ \ \ / /  
546| |___| (_) | (_| |  __/ (_| (_) \ V /  
547 \_____\___/ \__,_|\___|\___\___/ \_/  
548                                v3.8.1
549==> Detecting CI Provider
550    Travis CI Detected
551==> Configuration: 
552    Endpoint:
553{ commit: '9bc8c160a6d7ae8e0649ca5a5bef995a0f7b4400',
554  branch: 'master',
555  package: 'node-v3.8.1' }
556==> Building file structure
557==> Generating gcov reports (skip via --disable=gcov)
558    $ find /Users/travis/build/cures-hub/cures-condec-vscode -type f -name '*.gcno'  -exec gcov  {} +
559    Failed to run gcov command.
560==> Targeting specific file
561    + /Users/travis/build/cures-hub/cures-condec-vscode/coverage/clover-relative.xml
562==> Uploading reports
563    Success!
564    View report at:

Expected Results

A coverage analysis shown at

Actual Results

Codecov is stuck in the “Processing…” phase, showing “ Unable to find report content in the storage archive.” at

Additional information

The clover-relative.xml file is structured as follows (please ignore the output line numbers):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
513<coverage generated="1612619304618" clover="3.2.0">
514  <project timestamp="1612619304619" name="All files">
515    <metrics statements="53" coveredstatements="38" conditionals="22" coveredconditionals="13" methods="6" coveredmethods="5" elements="81" coveredelements="56" complexity="0" loc="53" ncloc="53" packages="1" files="1" classes="1"/>
516    <file name="extension.ts" path="src/extension.ts">
517      <metrics statements="53" coveredstatements="38" conditionals="22" coveredconditionals="13" methods="6" coveredmethods="5"/>
518      <line num="1" count="1" type="stmt"/>
519      <line num="2" count="1" type="stmt"/>
520      <line num="6" count="1" type="stmt"/>
521      <line num="10" count="1" type="stmt"/>
522      <line num="11" count="1" type="stmt"/>
523      <line num="12" count="0" type="stmt"/>
524      <line num="13" count="0" type="cond" truecount="0" falsecount="2"/>
458      <line num="14" count="0" type="stmt"/>
459      <line num="16" count="0" type="cond" truecount="0" falsecount="2"/>
460      <line num="17" count="0" type="stmt"/>
461      <line num="19" count="0" type="stmt"/>
462      <line num="21" count="0" type="stmt"/>
463      <line num="26" count="1" type="stmt"/>
464      <line num="27" count="1" type="stmt"/>
465      <line num="28" count="1" type="stmt"/>
466      <line num="32" count="1" type="stmt"/>
467      <line num="33" count="1" type="stmt"/>
468      <line num="34" count="1" type="stmt"/>
469      <line num="37" count="1" type="stmt"/>
470      <line num="40" count="1" type="stmt"/>
471      <line num="41" count="4" type="stmt"/>
472      <line num="43" count="4" type="stmt"/>
473      <line num="44" count="4" type="stmt"/>
474      <line num="45" count="4" type="stmt"/>
475      <line num="47" count="4" type="cond" truecount="2" falsecount="0"/>
476      <line num="48" count="2" type="stmt"/>
477      <line num="52" count="2" type="stmt"/>
478      <line num="53" count="2" type="cond" truecount="2" falsecount="0"/>
479      <line num="54" count="1" type="stmt"/>
480      <line num="55" count="1" type="stmt"/>
481      <line num="56" count="1" type="stmt"/>
482      <line num="60" count="4" type="cond" truecount="2" falsecount="0"/>
483      <line num="61" count="1" type="stmt"/>
484      <line num="65" count="3" type="cond" truecount="2" falsecount="0"/>
485      <line num="66" count="2" type="stmt"/>
486      <line num="70" count="2" type="stmt"/>
487      <line num="71" count="2" type="cond" truecount="2" falsecount="0"/>
488      <line num="72" count="1" type="stmt"/>
489      <line num="73" count="1" type="stmt"/>
490      <line num="74" count="1" type="stmt"/>
491      <line num="78" count="3" type="cond" truecount="2" falsecount="0"/>
492      <line num="79" count="1" type="stmt"/>
493      <line num="82" count="2" type="stmt"/>
494      <line num="86" count="10" type="cond" truecount="1" falsecount="1"/>
495      <line num="87" count="10" type="stmt"/>
496      <line num="89" count="0" type="stmt"/>
497      <line num="90" count="0" type="stmt"/>
498      <line num="91" count="0" type="stmt"/>
499      <line num="93" count="0" type="cond" truecount="0" falsecount="4"/>
500      <line num="94" count="0" type="stmt"/>
501      <line num="95" count="0" type="stmt"/>
502      <line num="97" count="0" type="stmt"/>
503      <line num="98" count="0" type="stmt"/>
504    </file>
505  </project>

@marvinruder, I noticed you were getting coverage now for commits. What happened to be the issue here?

@tom Sadly, I do not know. I changed some settings like the format of the coverage file, then deleted and created the Codecov project multiple times, and eventually it worked. However, some commits later, Codecov was stuck at showing “Processing…” again, then again, I tried different settings and deleted and created the Codecov project again, then at some point it was back working. But the changes in the settings did not seem to make any difference, I changed the configuration back to where it was at the beginning of the issue and Codecov continued to work.
At the moment, Codecov works fine for the project, but I would not be surprised if that changed randomly after some more commits.

@marvinruder, got it. If this changes, feel free to ping back on this thread.

@marvinruder , there are some intermittent uploader backups and failures:

​We are working on this currently.