Codecov not detecting base report


Codecov not detecting base report


Hello, we use the squash strategy for merging into the main branch. Even after several runs of upload to codecov, I keep getting this message

No coverage uploaded for pull request base

Also, the link in the PR doesn’t work- it takes me to Codecov//compare/ where I see the message Sorry, we couldn't find that page

Do you support squash merges?

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@gauravphoenix can you give a little more info here, specifically a URL that is showing this error?

Hi @tom , here is what I see-

clicking on the Click here to learn what that means. takes to a page which isn’t providing helpful information. Note that this isn’t the first PR. Many more PRs have been merged to the main branch before. We use GitHub branch protection rules and branch off the main branch.

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@gauravphoenix do you run and upload coverage on your main branch?