Codecov not keeping up to date with main branch

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Codecov has stopped to track which patch is the latest on my main branch. It still works in pull requests etc.
I use Circle CI to upload the results from my python unittests.


This doesn’t feel relevant as the build succeeds.

Codecov Output

This doesn’t feel relevant as the upload succeeds.

Expected Results

When I click on the main branch on codecov I expect it to show the latest commit in the main branch.

Actual Results

It shows an older commit, currently 2 from latest main (HEAD~2)

Additional Information

None, yet :slight_smile:

@Jaxc without having other information filled in these fields, I would say take a look to see if the default branch field in the repo settings on Codecov is set to main. Check the commits tab to see if there is coverage on the newer commits.