Codecov reporting coverage from someone else's PR rather than main repo's `main`

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As shown in the image below, the code report is for commit 8b4393d, but that’s not a commit to quacc/main! It’s from a branch main but someone else’s fork that is opened in a PR (see here). I don’t want the coverage report for quacc/main to reflect anything other than the coverage in, well, quacc/main.

Here is my yml file:


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Codecov Output


Expected Results

Coverage report should only be for quacc/main

Actual Results

It’s for a PR.

Additional Information

Here is the commit that the report should have been for: Update .codecov.yml · Quantum-Accelerators/quacc@ad9bcb2 · GitHub

@arosen93 I’ll take a look into this. There was an old bug where this would happen, but I’m pretty sure we squashed it a year ago.

@arosen93 sorry for the delay, we are still actively working on this problem. It is quite a bit hairy, so I don’t have any resolution for you right now. This is a problematic workflow, and we’re hoping to fix it for our users.

This PR should help address the problem

@arosen93 I know this doesn’t really answer the question, but as the community boards are soon to be set to read-only, I wanted to follow-up here. We are still tracking the issue and working on making a fix. You can view the issue here.