Codecov reports no longer showing after using parallel execution on circleci


Hi all

Just as a foreword, the repository we’re facing issues with is private and thus the links below are more for circleci staff to check.

Due to ever increasing ci build times on circleci we’ve just implemented parallel execution for our django tests on both circleci and django levels.

Tests are first split by file between a given number of containers on circleci, then they are processed in parallel based on the number of cores available on the instance. The initial move to utilize parallel test runners in django in a single container worked fine and coverage results were reported as normal. See as an example.

However after enabling parallel containers in circleci, uploading still works without issue but we get " Unable to find report content in the storage archive." when attempting to view the coverage report.


Our steps to generate and upload the report are as follows:
on each container:

  • run tests with coverage, store results in a temporary folder

  • push contents to a shared workspace

once all test containers are done, a new coverage container fetches all result fragments, generates an xml report, and uploads to codecov with no errors shown.




Chrome on Pop!_os 19.04

Right so it seems that the reports are working again and the reports no longer show error, however the ui is constantly showing Waiting for CI to complete. despite the build having been completed for close to an hour. Will see if this changes eventually.