There was an error processing coverage reports again


I run tests inside Docker container to get my .coverage file, then I copy it from container to host and upload to Codecov using CircleCI Codecov orb. Uploading works fine, but Codecov website fails to process reports — “There was an error processing coverage reports”. Since all code in my Docker container resides in /code, but in my repository the same code resides in backend/code, I guess the problem is in the wrong paths. I have tried fixing them, but it didn’t work. I have tried four times:

  1. ::backend/
  2. backend/::
  3. /code::backend/code
  4. backend/code::/code

What am I doing wrong? My goal is to make Codecov think that folder backend/code in repository and folder /code inside container are the same folder. I can’t understand how to do it properly




Firefox 74 on Debian 10. Docker container is python:3.8-alpine, Codecov orb 1.0.5

Hi @vsevolod-skripnik I tried digging into this more, but the commits are too old. Would you be able to push a new commit?