Codecov status stuck at "waiting for status to be reported"

We’re facing the same issue as Codecov status stuck at "waiting for status to be reported" on github again,

Not sure if someone can help? @drazisil?

Hi @billcchung

We are further investigating this, seems it’s not as fixed as we hoped.

Can you create a ticket for me? Mention that I asked for it and I can attach it to our internal issue after confirming it’s the same case.

This is affecting up to 1/3 to 1/2 of our PRs for the last month. I tried sending details to support but they turned us away as we are an open source project with no support plan.

Coverage is sent to codecov but codecov fails to set the status checks on GitHub.

We have codecov as a required status check on PRs so obviously can’t continue like this.

@rarkins can you provide the ticket number and I’ll take a look?

The same issue here - - build is passed, but codecov status on GitHub is still pending after 14 hours.

Force pushes were taking place during work on this PR. Hope that helps.

@drazisil I’m not sure if it was assigned a ticket number as it’s an open source project without paid plan. I understand your need to partition off support requests and don’t mind having the information exchange here instead if you prefer.

Basic facts:

  • Node.js project (istanbul coverage)
  • Using Node.js 10 and 12 builds in parallel on CircleCI
  • No token added on CircleCI as it’s said to not be necessary
  • Using bash <(curl -s -Z -C $CIRCLE_SHA1

By my estimate, around 30% or more of PRs lately have been missing the status check on GitHub. Retrying the CircleCI builds does not always result in it being fixed either. When I check CircleCI logs or Codecov UI, I’ve always seen a result there although sometimes there is a log of CircleCI failing to push the first time.

@rarkins I bumped your user level so you should be able to post links now. Let’s address in the ticket, then we can bring the results back here for the community.

Sorry for the late reply, we’re seeing this again, not sure if there’s already an existing ticket so we can track the progress?
if not I can create one.



Let’s get a ticket created so I can see what the cause is, and verify if it’s the same issue, please.

I’ve experienced this issue sporadically, but it has been hitting us harder recently. I see various discussions about “waiting for status…” on github and “Unable to find report…” on codecov. Here’s the PR I’m currently struggling with:

Is there a fix for missing codecov?

We’re still having the same issue. At this point we are going to move away from codecov. Every time we submit code to go into our default branch this happens. It is killing our productivity.

Same issue here, also going to have to look for alternatives.

I’m going to share my response here and close this thread so I can track this issue in one place:

Hey all, thanks for your contributions and apologies for the issue. For those on the thread for “Unable to find report content in storage archive” in last two weeks:

We started an open issue tracker on this here: OPEN ISSUE INVESTIGATION: Report stuck in processing + Unable to find report content in storage archive

This is affecting about 1% of users. We are rapidly looking for a root cause fix or a workaround we can deliver to you all. More updates to come on the thread above.