Colorblindness (again)

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I am partly red-green colourblind (technically deuteranomalous), along with 8% of all males. That’s a big accessibility issue.

I haven’t used codecov for a while, but the pages that show the covered and uncovered lines in my code appear to be coloured the same for me. I know this probably seems crazy to a color normal person, but it is very frustrating.

I didn’t used to have this issue with the codecov website, and I don’t think my color vision has gotten worse. Have the colors been changed to be more subtle?

Yes, there is bolding on the line numbers but when scanning the code my focus is on the lines of code, not on the line numbers.

I was hoping the global YAML file might have an option, but all I can find is “range” which is not clearly described, but I don’t think it addresses my problem.

There was an earlier thread about this from Feb this year and it promised a fix in the next quarter. That user suggested coding with blue. I’m happy enough with red and green, just red and green that a color deficient person can distinguish. There’s a huge amount of material around on web safe colors.


not relevant

Codecov Output

it’s not an upload issue

Expected Results

Display of code pages with color coding for coverage that I can distinguish.

Actual Results

Colors are too subtle.

Additional Information

Any additional information, configuration, or data that might be necessary to reproduce the issue.

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Hi Peter, I appreciate you writing in. We made a small iteration to more clearly differentiate coverage via solid and broken lines. We’re actively working now on a dedicated colorblind mode that will change the colors across Codecov to help with visibility, the hope is to release it sometime in November.

@petercorke 100%, I’m sure this is really frustrating. We have gotten a lot of feedback here, and the engineering team is working on this hoping to get a colorblind mode in the next few weeks.

Thanks for sticking with us while we make our site more accessible.

Thanks for your reply. I hadn’t noticed those lines, but now I do. As with the bolding, my visual focus is on the lines of my code, not the margins of the page. I look forward to working with the new mode. Even if it just restored the color settings that used to be there.