Confusion about branch data in commit info


Just consider the below PRs.

PR131 : from branch test -> branch master
PR132 : from branch test-1 -> branch master
PR133 : from branch test-2 -> branch master

I get commit info by command below. Just focus on the commits in these PRs


The branch value in commit c81951296d3585542d770708e678d1e00df51d32 is master
The branch value in commit b66c80ce96a67ba56e284651a01e52d32a1635f8 is test-1
The branch value in commit c51bb96dff40898de21179e06d8f2dbe3e84ecc2 is test-2

Here is my question:
PR131 PR132 PR133 are both opened to branch master. Why the branch value is different?

@fansi404, that shouldn’t have happened. We pull $GITHUB_HEAD_REF from GitHub to determine which branch to use, and I’m guessing in your case, it might have been set properly.

I can’t really figure out why this happened, but if you could reproduce and add a step that echos that variable beforehand (and $GITHUB_REF), I think we can try to figure out if this is a GitHub issue.