Confusion about repo's branch



Just run the command above, I get many branches of repo qiniu/goc

In commit 51f1137c0e509d617020fbda2eb290e89d1eb198, the branch is 1105.
In commit fb83028e8c2690854385dd5f8c1eeeedc37c38a7, the branch is fix-zj-20201111.
In commit f3627de62ac7d2db98e4c73596ea28cc46c5bf8d, the branch is cover-next
And so on…

Here is my confusion:

As seen on github, there’s only one branch of repo qiniu/goc named master.
From commit detail we can also see it is created in PR135 which is also pushed to branch master.
Why can I get so many irrelevant branches?
As far as I understand, only branch master is expected.



@fansi404, anytime a PR is created on a branch and coverage is uploaded for that PR, Codecov is told which branch it exists on. If you want to restrict coverage to only run on master, then coverage should not be uploaded except on commits on master