Confusion about coverage data


I write some test code and create one pull request which include just one commit. Then I get coverage data via this API.Let’s focus on the data where issueid equals 130.

Here is my question:

  1. Why timestamp not equal updatestamp? After I create the pull request, what does codecov do?
  2. There ars two comments of coverage bot on github, the first one says Merging #130 (c819512) into master (ddb6dfb) will decrease coverage by 7.42%. The diff coverage is 0.00%. The second says Merging #130 (c819512) into master (ddb6dfb) will decrease coverage by 0.03%. The diff coverage is 0.00%.

I refresh the page after a few seconds, then only the second comment can be seen(decrease by 0.03%).
Why there are two comments? Why the decreased number in the comments is different? Why the first comment disappear after a few minutes?

Commit SHAs





  1. timestamp is the author date which you can see from git (git show c81951296d3585542d770708e678d1e00df51d32)
commit c81951296d3585542d770708e678d1e00df51d32 (HEAD -> fansiqiong/master)
Author: fansiqiong <>
Date:   Thu Nov 12 11:39:02 2020 +0800

updatestamp is Codecov specific, when we updated the pull request and acknowledge uploads.

  1. I’m going to guess this was a race condition with GitHub. We attempt to only comment once and edit the original comment. I’m sorry here for the confusion.