Could carryforward flag update all children of a commit?

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Hi, I am wondering if when a carryforward flag on a commit get updated, could its all following commits get updated as well?

Additional Information

For example, in our use case, we have commit 1, 2 and 3, each with two carryforward flags: flag-quick, flag-slow, flag-slow is very slow (like 2-3 days to run), let’s say commit1 finished flag-slow and commit2 is running. For most users they care about flag-quick, so we display flag-quick to commit 1, 2, 3, so for commit 2 and 3, they are flag-quick@commit2+flag-slow@commit1 and flag-quick@commit3+flag-slow@commit1.

But when flag-slow on commit2 is finished, we get uploaded the result. Then for commit 2 and 3, they are flag-quick@commit2+flag-slow@commit2 and flag-quick@commit3+flag-slow@commit1. So the flag-slow does not update for commit3. How can we force commit3 to be updated to flag-quick@commit3+flag-slow@commit2 automatically?

@ymiao this is fascinating. I would make a request in our feedback channel as this is a use case we don’t really hear about.

I know we currently don’t support this type of behavior since we make the coverage calculations at time of upload.