Coverage chart image corrupted


The image saved by a coverage chart in a project dashboard is corrupted and cannot be opened.


  1. Open a project dashboard - Tested with this but also with projects maintained by Codecov
  2. On the Coverage Chart click on the small save icon (“Download coverage-chart.png”) in to upper right corner of that widget.
  3. Try to open the now downloaded “coverage-chart.png”.

For macOS Catalina Preview it says the file is corrupted or of unknown file type.
Google Chrome only shows a small white square.
I tried to attach the file to this topic, but Discourse also said the file is corrupted.

I would expect to get a valid PNG image containing the chart.


Couldn’t find a trustful hoster for the file that doesn’t complain about the file being corrupted.

Hi @ketrwu

Thanks for reporting this. I can confirm. Turn out it’s the webpage itself (I checked in a hex editor)

I have relayed this bug report to engineering and will report back here when fixed.

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