Coverage is off, way off


The report for a project doesn’t seem to accurately reflect tests.



Windows 10; Chrome 76.0.3809.132

Additional Information

This is the report;

Hi @jas

It looks like you are using the NodeJS uploader. To help narrow this down, can you try with the bash uploader and let me know if you are still seeing this issue?

I think that did it @drazisil! Why would the node uploader mangle that?

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I’m not sure. The bash uploader is our source of truth and most maintained. Other uploaders, such as the node one, are more community managed and as we change and improve the backend upload endpoint changes to the language uploaders sometimes get missed.

That’s not a good excuse, i know. The only way i could really answer that question, would be to have your raw file and run it step by step though each uploader and compare.

Both are opensource, so PRs welcome, we only have the bandwidth to focus on the bash uploader at this time.

Thanks! It worked using the shell script

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