Private repo: There was an error processing coverage reports


Our codecov reports stopped working 6 days ago. I assume it’s related to this outage I have seen. However, we use the marketplace app. Our CI is properly publishing coverage and here’s the stdout from a CI run


The repo is private


We are using GitHub Actions


we are using the npm module

- name: Publish coverage
      run: ./node_modules/.bin/codecov -F node${{matrix.node-version}} -f code-coverage-report/

Commit SHAs

Here’s an example aa92c4e1fe84c51c0243801ac74e0584e2430888

Codecov YAML

  bot: bizob2828
    enable_partials: yes

Codecov Output

==> Detecting CI Provider
    No CI Detected. Using git/mercurial
==> Configuration: 
  commit: '438ba16c7e32cc8134023d01a601fcfa7ea452f5',
  branch: 'master',
  package: 'node-v3.6.5'
==> Building file structure
==> Generating gcov reports (skip via --disable=gcov)
    Failed to run gcov command.
==> Targeting specific file
    + /home/runner/work/node-agent/node-agent/code-coverage-report/
==> Uploading reports
    View report at:

Additional Information

Hi @bizob2828, when you say reports stopped working, what do you mean here? Is there a problem on the Codecov UI, or are you not getting comments and statuses?

We also highly recommend using the bash uploader ( or for GitHub-Actions (

@tom I’ve lost all the value in this service. I don’t see coverage breakdown by file, can’t explore it because of this and the coverage sunburst is gone.

Regarding recommending using the action or bash uploader I found these to be very slow so I opted for the codecov npm module which is in your organization. What is the difference between the bash uploader and the npm module?

Other screenshot on dashboard

So I’m not sure if this is a coincidence but I updated the npm module to 3.7.0 and now I see reports. The changelog said it just removed some x header X-Amz-Acl:

Ah, I should have recommended that. We did a fix to the uploaders a few days ago.

@tom Ok, I mean I wasn’t experiencing the same behavior though. It was saying it was successfully uploaded. I don’t quite understand how the codecov npm module is a 3rd party module though, it’s in the codecov org. But I think I’m good now

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