Coverage rate is low despite all lines are marked green


I run Codecov through Travis CI on my open-source python library fracdiff.

The tests are intended to cover all lines in the source and they actually seem to do because all lines are marked green if I look into the codes at Codecov:

However, Codecov says and miss some lines and the coverage rate is something about 60%.
I looked into logs of Travis CI as well but it does not seem to cause any error.

I got mixed up. What is going on with my repository and How can I fix it?
Please ask me anything if there is something unclear.


My repository (Branch 0.3.1 is causing this trouble):


Travis CI which runs Codecov and sends its report:


Python 3.6, 3.7, 3.8

Further information is available in .travis.yml.

Additional Information

As my codes are public and Codecov is run through Travis CI one may be able to reproduce my trouble by forking the repository.

Hi @simaki,

This is strange indeed! I dug into this a little bit but looking at the coverage reports uploaded

You’ll notice that build 98.3 is showing missed coverage for for some rogue lines.

Because this is coming from the coverage report, we assume that it’s accurate. The issue seems to be somewhere in the process before they get uploaded to Codecov.

Hi tom,

Thank you so much for clarifying.
It indeed seems that the issue is somewhere in the process before uploading.