Coverage is 100% (locally) vs 3.28% (


The coverage dropped from 100% to 3.28% with one of the commits which should not have changed the coverage at all. (see The commit that seems to have caused the drop is

I’ve made a few commits after that one, however, the coverage remained really low. After the latest commit (09da958e1abde0d5a1e91316fe8b407386a59178) the coverage is still showing as 100% when tested locally with codecov(quiet=FALSE), but is showing only ~3% coverage for some reason?



Travis CI


Not required because Travis CI

Commit SHAs

Codecov YAML

  - "::comoOdeCpp/"

Codecov Output

$ Rscript -e ‘library(covr);codecov()’
[1] TRUE
[1] “
[1] TRUE
[1] 200
[1] “Coverage reports upload successfully”
[1] “11998cee-9321-46a8-9ff1-b00f861ae538”

Additional Information

Any additional information, configuration or data that might be necessary to reproduce the issue.

Hi @bogaotory, if you take a look at the coverage report uploaded to Codecov you’ll notice that almost all the lines are 0 or null, meaning not covered or no coverage. What uploader are you using and can you link to a Travis build?