Coverage reports from appveyor ignored (cobertura format)


I’m using the bash uploader to upload coverage reports in cobertura format from a Windows VM on appveyor. The script reports success but there is no report on codeco.
I thought it is similar to Codecov cannot analyze Cobertura reports from AppVeyor but I included the suggestion of using “max_report_age: off” already, still no luck

Anything else I can do to debug this?



Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create coverage with OpenCppCoverage in cobertura format
  2. Upload with bash uploader

Expected behavior: Uploaded reports show at codecov

Actual behavior: shows an error page

Flakiness? [Does this happen all the time or only sometimes?] Happens all the time


Using Bash-20200214-585fef0 and setting CI/APPVEYOR env vars to “true” so the script detects it.

I found the issue: There needs to be a codecov.yml in the repo root. That is even though -y ci/codecov.appveyor.yml is used which should make this work without one. Hence there seems to be a bug with the server-side handling of that yaml file. Intrestingly this does not apply to the travis environment where it works perfectly fine without any yaml at all.

I guess that this is due to Codecov cannot analyze Cobertura reports from AppVeyor which requires an entry in the yaml file to accept the reports

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There’s some bugs currently with this flag we are trying to get resolved. I’d glad you were able to get it workibg.