There was an error processing coverage reports doesn't contain any upload data


I keep getting the error There was an error processing coverage reports. when I try to access my report, with the Please review the following uploads for clues: list being empty of files. I am trying different things but none of them seem to make any difference, and the upload part seems to work fine.

Up until a couple of months ago we had codcov up and running, but in the meantime we have changed our CI from circleci to Jenkins, and our test suit from running inside VMs to containers. I suspect this has something to do with the file paths, but unfortunately codecov doesn’t provide any error info about what went wrong.


You can see the last of the failing commits here:


At the current stage I am trying to integrate locally, once satisfied I will move functionality to Jenkins.


bash <(curl -s -f test-results/django/coverage.xml

Commit SHAs


Codecov YAML

Please include the codecov.yml as code

Codecov Output

        attachments: "sunburst"
    - ".*/south_migrations/.*"
    - ".*/management/.*"
    - "test*/"
    - "*.yml"
    - "*.rst"
    - "settings/"
    - "*settings*"
    - "*.json"
    - "*.in"
    - "*.sh"
    - "*.txt"
    - "./*.js"
    - "node_modules/*"

  layout: "header, diff, changes, sunburst, uncovered"
  behavior: new

Please provide the full output of running the uploader on your CI/CD

An error on what went wrong would be much appreciated!

Hi @diotsoumas, looks like you are not sending over coverage information in your reports. As an example, you can see one of the reports here. It only contains the test cases and the run times.

Hi @tom, thanks for your (very!) quick reply. I have run a dozen tests trying out different things, this report is probably one of them. I just send another one with what it seems to be valid data (fingers crossed). Can you please look one more time?

Hi @diotsoumas, I check another few reports, and for reports that are showing coverage information, we are unable to acquire the network (list of files). I’m not sure how you are running your tests, but you may need to specify the root directory.

Hello friends, sorry to join the thread uninvited but i’m going through the same error right now.

I’m trying to upload my file locally. Codecov does identify my coverage file and generates a temporary tar file which contains a lot of, what I think to be, useful information for codecov UI. However, my file is not uploaded and I can’t seem to find it anywhere;

Commit SHA: 32c4dd201b0487babb6c1bf6fb09af4127c8c43

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @luischoma can you open a new ticket for this?

Sorry tom, I’ve created a new one. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: