Decrease in code coverage reported without any related code changes on GitHub push/PR

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The codecov/project action fails without a decrease of -0.03% in code coverage but the report says No Files covered by tests were changed.


Codecov Output

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Expected Results

No change in coverage is reported or the code changes which caused the regression are being shown.

Actual Results

No actual change in coverage is being shown in the

Additional Information

I omitted some checkmarks because we do not have the App installed and we do not have a configuration file.

@firewave, I think this might be a bug on our side, I’ll sync with product team about it.

Which is actually correct?
So, it looks like there is a diff between the two commits, and you can see the only changes on externals/simplecpp/simplecpp.cpp.

On Codecov, we are showing No files changed, but the coverage drops by -0.03%. So, looking to see what lines are changed, I see that the only file that has changed #lines and #missed is externals/simplecpp/simplecpp.cpp

So from my understanding, the coverage number is correct. We just aren’t doing a diff properly.