Default branch and PR coverage not showing up


Check Update @ljharb/eslint-config to the latest version 🚀 by greenkeeper · Pull Request #6 · ljharb/unbox-primitive · GitHub and Codecov - there’s no codecov status.


bash uploader

I’ve tried removing the github app and re-adding it before, so that doesn’t seem like a scalable solution. I’m aware of the 150 job upload limit, so obviously all 446 jobs on this PR wouldn’t be represented, but I would expect 150 of them to be combined and show up.

Hmmm, it looks like you need to add fetch-depth: 2 or similar from the error here.

aha, thanks, i’ll start looking there for an error first - that worked.

it’s absurd this is necessary, but it’s actions/checkout’s fault, not yours.

Any update on the “changes” that would make this unnecessary, referenced here PR to add codecov badge drops coverage - #7 by tom ?

It should have been rolled into the action, but I can’t seem to figure out how to auto-detect using the bash uploader. It is really unfortunate that we have that workaround, but it works for now.

The bash uploader is the one yalls docs tend to recommend very strongly, and I’ve always liked the simplicity of it; that said, if uses: codecov/codecov-action@v1 with no params specified will do the same thing as the bash uploader without any codecov config, but with this issue fixed, then i can certainly switch to use that (instead of adding fetch depth to every checkout)

Is that what you’d suggest I do?

@ljharb, yes we definitely prefer the bash uploader. Unfortunately right now, codecov-action has slightly more functionality with GitHub Actions. We hope to be able to pull in that functionality into the bash uploader, in the future, but it’s just not possible now.

I would suggest switching to the Action, as it is just a layer around the bash uploader. Let me know if that makes sense.