Codecov commit status check missing for PR when using codecov-action


This is a clone of github issue

We noticed the commit status check started to disappear once we migrate from Travis CI to Github Action (using codecov/codecov-action for uploading coverage to codecov)




CI: Github Action
CD: N.A.


Commit SHAs


Codecov Output

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a PR
  2. Wait for all commit status checks to show up

Expected behavior:
codecov commit status check shows up

Actual behavior:
codecov commit status does not show up

We can consistently reproduce this on the same repo(s)

Additional Information

codecov status check is working fine for master commit

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Hi @sfdye when did you notice this change, and would you be able to provide the full commit SHA?

About a few weeks ago right when we migrate from Travis CI to Github action.

Full commit sha shared via DM.

Hello, I think we are experiencing the very same issue at . You marked the previous answer as a solution, did you somehow fix it?

@greg0ire, would you mind sharing a SHA here?

Sure! For instance you have 9e25a32d2c83091a447fa31c1e6cab3f8c81b259, from

Note that it also fails for doctrine/dbal (for instance 813a042a7f200324b4168a3b018f4e5fe7dfc4b5), so this isn’t just about projects newly migrated to Codecov. It used to work on the DBAL at some point.

We’re having the same issue, the pull request where we first noticed it is

It might be related but the entire tremor-rs org is no longer visible in codecov as a top level org either :

Hi @greg0ire and @Licenser, thanks for this. I think I have an idea where the issue is, I’ll be working with the product team to fix.


Hi @greg0ire and @Licenser, I want to check something, has it been working for you in the past 12 hours?

Hi Tom, thanks for the quick look into it. We had some runs that worked in the past 12 hours, but about 9h ago (~23:00 UTC yesterday) a run failed to report results again, this morning re-running the same job added the reports.

@Licenser, do you happen to have a commit SHA for the one that didn’t work?

@tom in my case it didn’t work for this other doctrine repository:

Another datapoint: you cannot see Github Actions on a PR unless there is already one it seems. What I usually do is I create a similar PR, but from my fork to my fork. It works on this repository:

Got it, this is really helpful @greg0ire. I’ll keep digging in.

@greg0ire, I made a fix here, would you be able to see if this is still happening?

I just rebased this PR and it seems to work!
Same here: !

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Tom,
sorry for the late reply. Things got in the way :smiley: I hope you can sympathize.

I got a few commits that cause problems:

Oof @Licenser, would you be able to run the action with the verbose flag on?

Heya thanks for getting back to us :slight_smile: done! lets see what happens

@Licenser, thanks! I pulled up a few of the past few commits and am seeing statuses come through now. Is that the case or are you still seeing errant commits without statuses?