Delete accidentally uploaded coverage

While experimenting with my CI and codecov I accidentally uploaded coverage of my tests rather than the coverage of my package. I probably did something like this

pystest --cov=./ test
codecov $TOKEN

Unsurprisingly, the coverage of the files in the test directory is nearly 100%, since almost any line is hit while running said tests.

This looks good, since it increases the total coverage, but is of course misleading. I looked around to delete the manual uploaded coverage, but I couldn’t find it if it exists. Can someone help me out?


Hi @pmeier

Normally I would say this is hard, but I recently learned we have a API endpoint for this API delete commit: 403 (Forbidden)

It’s not currently usable, but I’m working on getting it fixed.

Thanks for your swift answer. I found that the actual culprit was my CI config after all. Still good to know for the future.

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