API delete commit: 403 (Forbidden)


The token works fine with other requests, but I always get a 403 (Forbidden) for the delete commit API.

DELETE https://codecov.io/api/gh/ddnexus/pagy/commit/00a82de

Am I missing something?

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Same here, with a full SHA.

This is the first I knew of that endpoint. A quick look though the code indicates it may have never been completed and maybe we need to delete from the docs, but I’m still digging to see how it should work.

Turns out this endpoint got missed when we changed the security settings on our API endpoints. I have a ticket in to fix this, will keep you posted.

After consulting with our VP Engineering, it turns out it’s both. It was excluded from the access list because it is depreciated. I have removed it from the docs, sorry for the confusion.