Does Codecov CircleCI Orb support json, xml, or HTML file types?


I am trying to use the Codecov’s CircleCI Orb. I am trying to figure out more information on the file parameter. It’s listed as not required with a default of an empty string ("").

What file types are supported? For example: .coverage, coverage.json, coverage.xml, or HTML folder?

If the file parameter is left empty:

  • Will the orb search for a coverage file?
  • What order/precedence does it use to search for the file?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Desired Result

I would prefer to invoke the Orb as I describe below:

  • File is not specified (meaning search for any coverage file type)
  • The default file type selected is .coverage

Inside CircleCI config.yml:

- codecov/upload:



CircleCI version 2.1
Orb version 1.1.0

I was just made aware of this Codecov article: Supported Coverage Report Formats

That answers my first question of supported formats. Seems like .coverage isn’t supported.

I am still interested in the 2nd question on what happens if the file parameter is left empty.

Hi @jamesbraza, the answer to your second question is a little more complicated. The Orb is basically a wrapper around our bash script. When file is empty, we try to find any files in your git root that might be considered a coverage report. You can see the type of files we look for here.

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