Does it support MUnit tests?

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Mulesoft has a module called MUnit to run and generate coverage reports for services written using the Anypoint platform. I would like to know if these reports can be parsed and analysed by Codecov.

@AllanOricil I’m not sure as I’m not familiar with MUnit tests. If you try to upload the report to Codecov, we can take a look and see.

I’ve already tried it. Codecov says a generic error message “Upload is empty” which does not help me to know why it did not work.
Your knoweledge base does not mention anything with the words “mule” “mulesoft” or “munit”. So, I believe it does not support MUnit code coverage reports.
Could you find internallly if this is true and if you have plans to include it.
Thank you in advance.

@AllanOricil got it, are you able to link to the commit on Codecov here?