Coverage reports uploaded successfully from Travis, but we get an error on Codecov


About 5 days ago we started seeing our coverage reports failing to be parsed by Codecov via travis.

Here is a build where the report was successfully uploaded and parsed:

And here is one where a report is uploaded, but codecov reports an error:

The versions of coverage and codecov used on both builds are identical, as is the project structure. We’ve tried all sorts of things to try and work out what the issue is, without success. The “common issues” - things like paths - seem unlikely given that the project structure hasn’t changed.

I’ve run codecov --dump (see for example) and a report is being generated correctly, and is uploaded to codecov. Is it possible there is a bug in how it is processing?


I’m having the same problem. Reports are being uploaded successfully, but CodeCov is not processing them.

Hey all, thanks for your contributions and apologies for the issue.

We started an open issue tracker on this here: OPEN ISSUE INVESTIGATION: Report stuck in processing + Unable to find report content in storage archive

This is affecting about 1% of users. We are rapidly looking for a root cause fix or a workaround we can deliver to you all. More updates to come on the thread above.