ERROR 500 when authentication error should be thrown


I am getting a super generic HTTP 500 error returned from codecov when I try to upload my coverage report via github actions codecov-action. This was not at all helpful in debugging the problem, and I would have expected an authentication error. There was an error in my actions .yml file

37 token: $${{ secrets.codecov_token }}
38 files: ./coverage.xml

should have been

37 token: ${{ secrets.codecov_token }}
38 files: ./coverage.xml

Commit SHAs



CI/CD or Build URL

Github actions build #16/17:


codecov-action available on github:

Codecov Output

1121Error: Codecov failed with the following error: The process ‘/usr/bin/bash’ failed with exit code 1

(only put one line as I am restricted to the number of links I can post - which is pretty silly if what you want is the full output. All prior output succeeded.)

Expected Results

Authentication error / bad token error

Actual Results

HTTP 500 Error

@edmundsj, you do not need to specify an upload token for public repositories using GitHub Actions. That said, are you saying that we should have returned a message saying that the upload token secret was wrong?

Yup, the upload token secret was wrong and I would have expected to get back an error that would indicate that. Would have been helpful in debugging what the issue was.

@edmundsj just wanted to circle back that we’ve added some extra log statements now to help debug token issues (e.g. how long the given CODECOV_TOKEN value is)