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When I go to settings, and click on the “Erase Content” button, an error pops up. The content does seem to get deleted, so the error is misleading.


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Seems this issue had been reported before, and the problem still exists. Erase content not working

Note that I no longer wish to delete the content so, please don’t do that. As I stated in the ticket, the button worked, but showed a false message.

@bruce-wayne just to be clear, you do not want to delete content, but this is just a bug report that the button is giving misleading information back?

I have already deleted the content at the first attempt when I received the error message. I don’t need to delete content again. This ticket is to report about the error message that shouldn’t have been.

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@bruce-wayne great, I’ll let the product team know. Confirming that we will take no action on your account.