Finally block not considered covered


finally block is not considered as covered. Running PHPUnit from command line results in 100% coverage. Yet codecov reports the 1 line of a finally block is not covered


Steps to Reproduce

Create a try { } finally { } block and write a test for it

Expected behavior: Codecov to consider the line covered

Actual behavior: Codecov does not consider the line covered

Flakiness? All the time


PHPUnit 8.5.1

Additional Information

Nothing that I can think of. Pretty clear example.

Hi @challgren

Can you share a commit SHA so I can check the logs and confirm it’s marked as covered in the raw report you upload to Codecov? If you can tell me the file and line, that would help too.

Commit hash is 11cf0d3133f00e05de5925c082c4a18aae4ab15a file is /src/Mailer/Transport/MailgunTransport.php Line 169

Looking at the raw report you uploaded,

Your coverage reported says that line is not covered <line num="169" type="stmt" count="0"/>

We can only reflect what the rew report tells us, this is either a bug or a configuration issue with your reporter.