Reports not displaying - There was an error processing coverage reports


I searched for other topics as well but it didn’t help.
I have integrated codecov, I can see my Run CI is passed. When i check in the codecov it says
“There was an error processing coverage reports.”.

Not sure what I am doing wrong can you please help?

Github repo - GitHub - cyberchimps/ResponsiveBlockEditorAddons.

Your phpunit runs are reporting,
“Error: Incorrect whitelist config, no code coverage will be generated.” Always have been, since the very first run. (Yet that still results in them “passing”, which is why hiding the result by forcing an exit 0 is probably a bad idea.)

So, it’s not any kind of codecov problem, the issue is that you’re not uploading any coverage data to process, because you never generated any in the first place.

Edit: Based on this, looks like you need to add a stanza to your phpunit.xml something like:

            <directory suffix=".php">classes</directory>
            <directory suffix=".php">includes</directory>
            <directory suffix=".php">src</directory>

(That’s just a quick guess based on the contents of your repo, the paths may be way off.)

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Thank you!! I added the whitelist config in my phpunit.xml. Now it’s working.