Fixing path of missing directory

There are some directories of my repository missing in the Codecov UI.

Could you give me an example about how to fix the path?

This instruction is really not clear for me :neutral_face:. help me out, please!

Hi @ndsanchez

Can you share a commit SHA so I can check the raw report and assist?

Sure @drazisil


Codecov Analysis:

This isn’t a path fixing issue. What you need to to be able to have the full path in the filername value of the report. You can see for an example of how to configure this.

I see, but I don’t understand why Codecov is not tracking all my files?

Do you have any idea?

Hi @ndsanchez, it’s because we are not receiving coverage metrics for those files. You’ll see in the report (before EOF) that Codecov only receives coverage for a few files. We cannot make assumptions on coverage for files that aren’t included here.

I took a look at how to do this in Jest, let me know if this helps:

I changed the pattern to find the files and it works now. Here is my setup.

  collectCoverageFrom: [