Missing folders in GitHub repository from codecov reports


I’m new to code coverage and codecov, and I don’t know if this issue I’m having is due to my settings being wrong.

I have a repository on GitHub (https://github.com/physiopy/phys2bids) that uses Travis to run CI. We’re trying to get codecoverage with codecov, but almost all the folders of the project are missing. One folder is in my codecov yaml configuration file in the “ignore” section (as I don’t want coverage for that folder), but the others are not reported anywhere.

How can I make it so codecov reads them?

I read the documentations and went through the topics here, I hope I didn’t miss anything!



Hi @smoia

Welcome to Codecov! If you check the raw reports for the commit under the build tab, do you see coverage for the missing files? https://codecov.io/gh/physiopy/phys2bids/commit/7f7fdbfddffd9da4b6b8eeb5683ff0f7d13825f8/build

If so, can you share a missing file so we can take a look and see why it’s not showing?

Hello @drazisil! Thank you!

I actually solved the problem: the repository is a python repository, and there was no init.py file inside the folders that were missing. Adding an empty file was enough to solve the issue.

In fact, this is a nice trick as to exclude folders that shouldn’t be tested is easier than excluding them - just don’t add the init.py file.

It might be specific to the settings of my repo, but maybe it’s something that can be generalised!

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