Getting PR comment on demand


Our git repo receives many PRs per day and our test suit takes around 6 hours. Therefore, since it’s not practical to run the code coverage uploader for each and every PR, we run it once every day. As a result of that, we never get the code coverage status comment on PRs. But having that for larger PRs can be very helpful. Is there a way we can get it on demand?

You might have seen how Dependabot works in an interactive way. I’m looking for something similar.

Appreciate your response.


@bhathiya unfortunately this doesn’t exist yet. I’m guessing that maybe having a send notifications button in the Codecov UI would be useful here? I’ll move this ticket over as a Feature Request and let our product team know.

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Thanks for the response, Tom.

Could you please explain what the"send notifications button" is supposed to do?

@bhathiya sorry, there is no send notifications button. I was just ideating on a possible solution.

Understood that part. What I didn’t get was what that button would do. Were you thinking of having such a button against each PR in the codecov PR list view?

Something like that yup! At least for PRs that haven’t been closed/merged.

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