PR comment missing and error processing coverage reports

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PR comment went missing and the commits in codecov show ‘an error processing coverage reports’.
But, in the github actions the gradle task to upload the coverage report shows that it has successfully queued the coverage report.

Commit SHAs

PR comments are missing from


CI/CD or Build URL


GitHub Actions

Codecov Output

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Expected Results

PR comments from codecov bot with coverage information.
The uploaded code coverage reports being shown correctly.

Actual Results

PR comments from codecov bot are missing.
The uploaded code coverage reports are not picked correctly. Shows below error.

Additional Information

We’ve verified that there is no path issue. This seems like an issue from codecov.

@tom Can you please provide some insight into this issue?

@Dilhasha this was a hiccup from our side that should be resolved moving forward. Are you still seeing an issue?

Thanks @tom . We are able to see Codecov commenting on PRs now.

But, we still see some inconsistent behaviour for some of the commits. What happens for the older commits that do not have the coverage report?
If we are sending the PR on top of a problematic commit, we will still face this issue right?

@Dilhasha, unfortunately, the issue is resolved only for future commits. For older commits, you could run your CI pipeline again or just re-upload the coverage reports for a particular commit.

Ok thanks for the clarification @tom.

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