Github actions, macOS and Windows reports


I would like assistance in generating coverage data from github actions when using either the macOS or Windows hosts. (The ubuntu host works fine, but I have platform specific code.)

This is a CMake project (fairly large – – with lots of C and test files scattered around the tree.



Please include the browser and OS and what versions you’re running.

Additional Information

In the my repo, I have flags for generating the coverage via --coverage (see “-DNNG_ENABLE_COVERAGE=ON” for Cmake flags).

I’m very happy that the global uploader Just Works on ubuntu (finds the .gcno and .gcda files), as I was struggling to find an lcov replacement on GitHub actions.

On macOS, what happens is that the uploader appears to be confused by the file paths – I get lots of errors like “file.c.gcno: No such file or directory”. I think that the LLVM based gcov wrapper just doesn’t understand the different file names.

If there is a way to use the clang based Source Coverage Mapping that would be even better.

I haven’t even begun to look at how to get this out of Windows yet.

Hi @gdamore and apologies for the extraordinarily long wait. Are you still running into this issue and if so, how can I help?