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There was an error processing coverage reports.


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There was an error processing coverage reports.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="true"?>

<!DOCTYPE report SYSTEM "report.dtd" PUBLIC "-//JACOCO//DTD Report 1.1//EN">

-<report name="backend">

<sessioninfo dump="1624022960767" start="1624022952473" id=""/>

<sessioninfo dump="1624024784085" start="1624024776361" id=""/>

<sessioninfo dump="1625933314986" start="1625933293496" id="fv-az47-412-ab013f54"/>

-<package name="de/neuefische/flooooooooooorian/backend/config">

-<class name="de/neuefische/flooooooooooorian/backend/config/ReactRoutingForwarding" sourcefilename="">

-<method name="<init>" line="7" desc="()V">

<counter covered="3" missed="0" type="INSTRUCTION"/>

<counter covered="1" missed="0" type="LINE"/>

<counter covered="1" missed="0" type="COMPLEXITY"/>

<counter covered="1" missed="0" type="METHOD"/>


-<method name="forwardToRoutUrl" line="11" desc="()Ljava/lang/String;">

<counter covered="0" missed="2" type="INSTRUCTION"/>

<counter covered="0" missed="1" type="LINE"/>

<counter covered="0" missed="1" type="COMPLEXITY"/>

<counter covered="0" missed="1" type="METHOD"/>


<counter covered="3" missed="2" type="INSTRUCTION"/>

<counter covered="1" missed="1" type="LINE"/>

<counter covered="1" missed="1" type="COMPLEXITY"/>

<counter covered="1" missed="1" type="METHOD"/>

<counter covered="1" missed="0" type="CLASS"/>


@Flooooooooooorian I noticed that there is coverage now on your most recent commits. Were you able to get this resolved?