"There was an error processing coverage reports." (bash)

Hi, could someone please give me a clue as to why I’m getting this error message here:
Code coverage done right.

The CI run (with verbose: true):

This may be a little weird because the language is unusual (bash). The tool is generating a .resultset.json file which did work for Coveralls but I couldn’t get that to work when switching to GitHub Actions so I’m trying CodeCov, but I can’t get past the opaque error message and no way to debug this that I can see.

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“There was an error processing coverage reports.” and I don’t know why.

Commit SHAs



GitHub - CyberShadow/aconfmgr: A configuration manager for Arch Linux (github-actions branch)

CI/CD or Build URL



GitHub action

Codecov Output

It’s over a thousand lines long, maybe look at the GitHub Actions build log?

Expected Results

At least an error message that I could work with would be nice.

Actual Results

“There was an error processing coverage reports.”

Additional Information

(see top of post)

Solved by moving back to Coveralls.

(Better the devil you know…)