GitHub Check does not fail when Threshold crossed

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I’m trying to integrate CodeCov into a Create React App project (using pnpm) which contains testable code located in various subfolders within the repository. I set both status.project.threshold and status.patch.threshold in the codecov.yml file to pretty low values (0% as well as 0.1%). I verified that the codecov.yml file was valid using the bash validation command. GitHub App integration has been enabled for this repository.

I created a dummy PR which removes existing unit tests (more than 2% project coverage), in order to trigger codecov thresholds set. This still does not fail my GitHub codecov check.

I’d like to know what configuration is incorrect/missing for this to work correctly. Also, why am I not seeing the codecov-specific checks “codecov/patch” and “codecov/project” as seen in this PR

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GitHub check should fail when CodeCov threshold is crossed.

@SanketD92 I would highly recommend installing the app integration to fix this issue for you.

@tom App integration has been configured for this repo. Permissions granted are:


  • Read access to administration, code, issues, members, and metadata
  • Read and write access to checks, commit statuses, and pull requests

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding something.

@SanketD92 I’m seeing that it isn’t on our end. If you’re sure it’s set, would you mind uninstalling and reinstalling? I think that should fix it for you.

@tom I see that repository access for awslabs/service-workbench-on-aws has been granted (on this link)

@SanketD92, I’m guessing something went wrong when getting the callback during installation. Are you able to uninstall and reinstall?

@tom Attempting uninstall and re-install now. I’ll keep you updated on this thread

That worked! Thanks @tom

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