GitHub public repo error processing coverage reports


It used to worked perfectly starting from my first push to Codecov, but from around 10 days ago every single commit result in “There was an error processing coverage reports” and PR is not registered on Codecov. There is nothing change from my end, so probably still because of the incident /incidents/2qkxk28w0kng?


Codecov: Liang-Hsuan/CampaignGenerator




codecov npm:

Commit SHAs

Latest master commit: 44b31f47cd235ee7164d04af431c86eb2686bcd4
Lastest pull request:

Codecov YAML

No codecov.yml configure.

Codecov Output

Additional Information

I deleted my project on Codecov and re-added it to hope for the best it will work again, but unfortunately not. This is reason there are only few commits shown on my Codecov project.

Hi @leonma333, please upgrade to the latest version of the node uploader 3.7.0

Thanks so much. Works perfectly now :+1:

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