There was an error processing coverage reports doesn’t contain any upload data


I keep getting the error There was an error processing coverage reports. when I try to access my report, with the Please review the following uploads for clues: list being empty of files. I am trying different things but none of them seem to make any difference, and the upload part seems to work fine.

Commit SHAs



CI/CD or Build URL

I’m trying locally for now


bash <(curl -s -R ./

Codecov Output

@luischoma, can you add the Codecov GitHub integration?

Thanks for answering so fast, Tom! @tom

I read the artcile you sent, but I still don’t understand what you meant.

Should I try uploading from GitHub CI or should I authorize codecov on my repository? I’ve configured codecov to my repository but I’m not yet able to upload files through CI.

@luischoma maybe I’m confused. Do you push the commit to GitHub? I noticed that the screenshot is showing a different commit SHA than the one you posted (i.e. d32c4 vs 32c4d)

I haven’t pushed to GitHub, I’ve just uploaded using the bash command.

The commits are different because the screenshot I used is to illustrate the scenario, but it is the same output for every bash upload.

The actual SHA for the screenshot is d32c4dd201b0487babb6c1bf6fb09af4127c8c43 !

edit: maybe I screwed up on the commits SHA and im sorry for that. I think I used the actual github commit from the parent branch i’m working on.

@tom did you have a chance to look at this? :slight_smile:

@luischoma sorry for the delay. So Codecov only works with the commit being on the service provider (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket). If you are only uploading from a local commit, we won’t be able to process the coverage reports.

To add to this, you CAN upload locally as long as the commit also exists upstream

A week after and I finally could confirm your suggestion. It worked when I configured the upload on the CI instead of trying to upload locally!

Unfortunately, I’ve configured the GitHub integration and still didn’t get codecov comments on our PRs.

This is my codecov.yml

  layout: "reach, diff, files"
  behavior: default
  require_changes: false
  require_base: no
  require_head: yes

Thank you so much, we’re getting there! :slight_smile:

edit 2:

I thought I got it but, I still do not understand why codecov comments didnt show up. I thought it had to do with the free/paid version but I’ve read that the first 5 users on my repo get a trial/free plan; :frowning:

@luischoma would you mind shooting over a new SHA that isn’t showing the comment?

Sure, @tom!

Here it is: e154bd237af194229c399dbb38a3e6234672b8b6

Hi @luischoma, apologies I lost track of this because it was marked resolved. Would you be able to supply a new SHA and I’ll take a look.