How should one interpret this Codecov report?

Sorry if this is a silly question, but I continue to struggle to find the best way to interpret Codecov reports. I don’t know if I’m still missing something with the configuration. Currently, understand what Codecov wants is a process of clicking around trial-and-error until I find something actionable.

But this report is baffling:

Clicking the red square in the visualization leads a blank page — something about “File path not found”.

Clicking that leads to here:

Now, expanding the lines, I get a few more hints about the decorator syntax (a red outline).

Okayyy, maybe it’s these ES6 decorators that’s throwing it off? Is there some additional configuration I need to take advantage of?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @allthesignals, I can see why this is confusing! Unfortunately, this is based on the coverage reports that are uploaded to Codecov. The link you sent is comparing two commits cf58b2821d5b86b4aa63a9bdf6c5f7bc24a3f6c3...c74d2fc8b0317d32b67b2f6e6d2f5c90e6cf1261

In the original commit report, we see that line is hit

while in the latest, it is not getting hit

I’m not exactly sure how you are running coverage via lcov, but this would explain why this line is shown as not being covered. I believe you are using lcov, as the documentation to those acronyms was found here

Awesome, thank you @tom! The output you’re showing makes a lot sense to me, but I’m still not sure I understand why it looks off in the Codecov report.

As for the underlying tooling, my project is using Istanbul — I think I can configure its output to be friendlier with Codecov?

No specific follow-up questions from me but this gives me some very helpful directions to look into. Thanks again!

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Absolutely @allthesignals, glad it was useful! Let me know if there’s anything else we can do to help here.